HD Video Enhancer (HVH-200)

We provide 'Al based Al weather Video Enhancer' which can enhance every type of camera.

HVH-200 can enhance every type of camera from general optical cameras to thermal cameras, cameras using IR cameras and etc.

AI-Based Video Enhancer

HVD-100 and HVS-100 are the High-Definition Video Enhancer

for DVI and HD-SDI.

They make images deteriorated by fog, dust, and other

elements sharper, clearer, and brighter for improved visibility – optimal for highway,

airport, harbor, and perimeter monitoring. They improve the visibility

of videos deteriorated by fog, low light, and other adverse conditions.

Cameras with defog function and software-based defog

products are unable to provide the quality required in the field. Oculen

HVD(HVS)-100 is the solution you need.


  • World’s first application of fully auto mode fog removal – automatic selection of 256 levels of filtering depending on fog density    
  • High-performance FPGA solution with exclusive HD level fog removal algorithm  
  • Automatic correction of night image without external sensors   
  • Maximum suppression of noise with use of noise reduction filter
  • 100% compatibility with DVI & HDMI
  • Outstanding improvement of visibility deteriorated by fog, rain, yellow dust, smog and low-light.

In case of heavy fog, it is especially difficult for general CCTVs to distinguish objects.

For continuous monitoring regardless of weather condition, HVD-100/ HVS-100 is necessary.