DABIDA combines various tools and unique technology necessary for education to provide a new learning experience, offering optimal customized solutions for more efficient education.

The platform supplemented the communication between teachers and students and further allowed remote management by liking GENIPEN and other hardware as well as the GENIBOT, unlike other video education solutions. The teachers receive data on the students' activities, making it possible to provide customized education based on evaluation, analysis, and feedback. DABIDA's products are bringing a new paradigm of ICT education with positive responses from students, teachers, and parents.

DABIDA, with its solutions, intends to foster future talents for the 4th industrial revolution era and become a global EdTech company.


An online interactive video platform allowing users to do anything they want, just like an actual classroom

As always used, everything new!

GENCLASS that connects offline learning experience online.


A smartpen for online lectures, combining the merits of analog and digital forms


World's first ALL-IN-ONE educational robot compatible with interactive education platforms